• Zynga Beats Expectations On Earnings, Posts A $3M Profit

    Zynga today beat analyst expectations for its third-quarter earnings, bringing in about $176 million in bookings with flat earnings, and revenue of $196 million. Analysts were expecting a loss of one cent per share for the company’s earnings. Read More

  • Excited about Zynga's IPO? Get Ready for Korea's Nexon

    Silicon Valley loves to dismiss Asian companies as nothing more than copycats who thrive, particularly in China, because the government protects them and punishes Western competitors. Even when the businesses in question are dramatically different in practice and scale, they are described as the “eBay of China”, “The Google of China” and “the YouTube of… Read More

  • Zynga Buys Canadian Mobile App Development Firm Five Mobile; Opens Toronto Studio

    Zynga has made its 15th acquisition in 13 months today, with the purchase of Canadian mobile app development firm Five Mobile. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed and the Five Mobile team will now become Zynga Toronto. Five Mobile is a mobile application development company that specializes in multi-platform development across various smartphone platforms. The team has worked with some… Read More

  • Zynga Combines Privacy Education, Gaming And Rewards With PrivacyVille

    Getting ahead of any privacy issues surround your product is an important part of product development for any company. Facebook, unfortunately, learned this the hard way. Social gaming giant Zynga is adding a layer of transparency today with the launch of a new privacy initiative called PrivacyVille. In typical Zynga fashion, PrivacyVille isn’t your average dull privacy education course… Read More

  • How This Year's Tech IPOs Are Doing, And Who's Next

    Bubble or not, 2011 may go down as the year of the tech IPO. Not since the last bubble have we seen so many technology companies clamoring to go public. And halfway through the year, we still have many more companies who will be listing on either the NASDAQ or the NYSE in the next six months. Here’s a roundup of the tech companies that have gone public, where they are trading now, and who… Read More

  • Why Is Zynga Rushing Towards Its IPO?

    The IPO window is now wide open, with everyone from Zynga to Groupon rushing towards it. Nobody knows how long that window will stay open (rule of thumb is 18 months), so better go public while you can. But today’s IPO filing from Zynga came particularly fast. According to one source, the actual writing of the 150+ page S-1 document was one of the fastest documentation processes for… Read More

  • Zynga And Facebook: Pray They Don't Alter The Deal Any Further

    Minutes ago, social gaming giant Zynga filed its much-anticipated S1, beginning the path to an IPO in which it’s looking to raise $1 billion. We’re currently combing through the document, which lays out some of the company’s key statistics and financials for the first time. And there’s a clear trend: the word ‘Facebook’ appears in the document some 204… Read More

  • As Zynga Files For $1B IPO, LinkedIn And Pandora Stocks Pop

    Zynga filed for its much awaited $1 billion IPO this morning, revealing some impressive revenue and profit numbers. And it looks like recent tech IPOs Pandora and LinkedIn are seeing some major increases in stock value in morning trading after a rocky few weeks. LinkedIn, which opened at $83 per share in May, has hovered between $60 and $75 per share for the past month, dipping as low as $60… Read More

  • Zynga's Largest Shareholders And How Much They Own

    Zynga just filed for its much-awaited $1 billion IPO and now we know how much founder Mark Pincus and the company’s investors own in the company. Zynga’s investors include Reid Hoffman, DST, Google, Tiger Global, Kevin Rose, Kleiner Perkins, Union Square Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Peter Thiel, Foundry Group and IVP. Pincus is the largest shareholder of Zynga, with 16 percent of… Read More