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  • NVIDIA Launches New GPUs For Deep Learning Applications, Partners With Mesosphere

    The days when GPUs were only about letting you play Crysis with a higher framerate are long over. Many of the most transformative new computational techniques now rely on GPUs’ ability to quickly run certain algorithms in parallel. One area where GPUs are especially helpful (besides video encoding), is machine learning and NVIDIA is making a big bet on this. Read More

  • Slew Of New Virtual Reality Titles Available Alongside Samsung Gear VR

    As we reported earlier, you can now pre-order your Samsung Gear VR. It’s a device that’s going to unlock virtual reality for a lot of consumers, even though it requires a Samsung phone to drive it. Along with the announcement of pre-order for a ridiculously low $99, a bunch of games are hitting the scene to support its launch. Land’s End by Ustwo Games, Bandit Six: Salvo… Read More

  • Google Expands Its VR Program For Students To More U.S. Schools

    Google Expands Its VR Program For Students To More U.S. Schools

    Earlier this year, Google announced its so-called Expeditions Pioneer Program. This project aims to bring Google’s Cardboard VR viewer to students by bringing a full kit of gear for using virtual reality in the classroom to schools. Google started rolling this program out to select schools in September and now it’s ready to expand this program to more schools in the U.S., with… Read More

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    The Critical Mass Of Virtual Reality

    The concept of virtual reality (VR) has been around for several decades. Largely ignored by mainstream computing until about four years ago, VR technology has leapt to computing’s center stage — largely kick-started by the investment from Facebook — and is now poised to make an industry transforming impact. Read More

  • Former MLB Player Jason Giambi Takes A Swing At Virtual Reality

    Everybody needs a hobby when they retire, and former major league baseball player Jason Giambi turned to virtual reality, teaming with EON Sports on a virtual reality hardware-software package to teach players how to recognize pitches and understand the strike zone. The solution, which is called Project OPS consists of software, a Bluetooth controller and virtual reality headset that can plug… Read More

  • Lytro Introduces ‘Immerge’ For Cinematic Virtual Reality

    Camera maker Lytro is hopping into virtual reality. Today, it announced a product called “Immerge” which the company describes as “world’s first professional light field solution for cinematic VR.” What does that mean exactly? Well Lytro wants to provide tools to shoot live action virtual reality. It built its “light field” solution from the ground up. Read More

  • YouTube Adds Support For VR Video To Its Android App

    Google’s YouTube app for Android now supports virtual reality (VR) video in combination with its Cardboard VR viewer. VR video takes the 360-degree videos you may already be familiar with a step further by using VR techniques like stereopsis and binocular disparity to give you a stronger feeling of immersion (which is what VR is all about, after all). Read More

  • Oculus Founder: Cables To Be Major Obstacle In VR Industry For A Long Time

    It might sound obvious, but if you’re hoping that mom will want to hop into virtual reality while you make her drag around a bunch of ugly ass (and dangerous) wires, it probably won’t happen. That’s why Oculus is doing projects like its partnership with Samsung on the Gear VR. It makes virtual reality mobile. When the latest iteration was announced, our own Josh Constine… Read More