• Hullabalu Raises $2.5 Million For Its Interactive Storytelling App For Kids

    The iPad helped introduce the concept of interactive books, where stories are accompanied by games and other tappable animations to complement their tales. But a company called Hullabalu offers a twist. Instead of digital stories with interactive bits, kids advance the story’s progress by interacting with the world and playing with the characters. Now the company has raised an… Read More

  • Apple Debuts A New “Shopping” Category On The App Store

    Confirming earlier reports, Apple today is debuting a new category to its App Store that will help consumers better locate mobile shopping applications. The “Shopping” category will be available worldwide, and will feature apps that span across omni-channel, auctions, price comparison, product reviews and more. These applications were previously listed in the App Store’s… Read More

  • YouTube Adds Support For VR Video To Its Android App

    Google’s YouTube app for Android now supports virtual reality (VR) video in combination with its Cardboard VR viewer. VR video takes the 360-degree videos you may already be familiar with a step further by using VR techniques like stereopsis and binocular disparity to give you a stronger feeling of immersion (which is what VR is all about, after all). Read More

  • “Circle With Disney” Is A New Device That Helps Families Manage Online Usage And Apps

    Parents looking to manage their children’s internet usage and screen time have a new option with today’s launch of Circle with Disney, a hardware device that works in conjunction with an iOS application that allows moms and dads to filter web content, set “bedtimes,” block ads, view insights and usage history, and even pause the internet entirely. In addition… Read More

  • NewsON Brings Your Local News Stations To iOS, Android And Roku

    A company called NewsON launched today, offering cord cutters and mobile consumers access to local news with an app that works on iOS, Android, and Roku devices. The service, which is financially backed by a cohort of TV stations, claims to offer local news coverage across 75 percent of the U.S., including video content from a total of 118 stations in 90 markets. The launch comes at a time… Read More

  • Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty Line Comes To Mobile, With An App Offering Both Shopping And Makeup Tips

    The Honest Company, Jessica Alba’s e-commerce startup best known for its eco-friendly baby products, expanded this fall with the launch of Honest Beauty – a beauty line that continues the company’s mission to offer products with fewer harsh chemicals. Now that line of products has its own mobile shopping application, with today’s debut of Honest Beauty for iOS, an app… Read More

  • Flipkart Hires Former Googler Surojit Chatterjee As Head of Consumer Experience And Growth

    India’s leading e-commerce company Flipkart just hired a familiar name from Google. Surojit Chatterjee spent the last eight or so years at Google, serving as “Product Management Director, Mobile Search Ads and AdSense for Search.” He’s also an angel investor. He’ll serve as an SVP and head of consumer experience and growth. Read More

  • SPUN’s New App Makes It Easy To Mash Up Videos And Make Your Own Memes

    Short videos, looping videos and GIFs are some of the hottest types of user-generated content on the web today, and have everyone from Instagram to Twitter and even Facebook and Google getting involved in offering support and tools for creators. Today, a new app called SPUN wants to capitalize on this growing trend by allowing users to mash up videos from their phone along with topical… Read More

  • SoundCloud Rolls Out A Dedicated App For Creators

    SoundCloud, a top 5 Music app on both iOS and Android, has today released a new mobile application aimed specifically at artists and creators. Called SoundCloud Pulse, the app allows its users to share their sounds publicly and privately, track their stats and performance, reply to comments, and follow other users. The company says a more advanced feature set is already in the works, and… Read More

  • An iPhone Gaming Thinger I Can Stand Behind

    This little designware project would be amazing if it were real. Essentially it’s a double case for the iPhone can adds a D-pad, buttons, and more hand-room to the standard iPhone. It doesn’t exist (and probably never will) but it’s pretty darn cool-looking could actually work if someone made it. Read More

  • Is This The iPhone 5 3D Super3D 3DS 3D iPhone?

    Absolutely not, but it’s a nice try. MICGadget found this ridonkulous “dual camera” iPhone featuring two cameras for hot 3D action. Will there ever be a 3D iPhone? Who the heck knows, but I assure you whatever this monstrosity is it’s not the iPhone 5. Read More

  • Samsung CTO Responsible For The Galaxy Tab Line Steps Down

    Omar Khan, the Samsung CTO who was responsible for the rise of the GalTab and other Android-powered smartphones, is moving to Citibank to handle that company’s global digital banking initiatives. He will be replaced by Nick Dicarlo and Gavin Kim in “product and service spokesperson responsibilities for Samsung Mobile.” Clearly this whole hardware thing didn’t work out… Read More

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread Headed To The HTC Droid Incredible 2

    If you’re a proud owner of the HTC Droid Incredible 2, get ready: your weekend just got a bit sweeter. Android 2.3 Gingerbread is on its way by means of an OTA update, and should bring with it all the goodies of Gingerbread, and then some. The file is 116MB, and according to Verizon, the process should take about 20-30 minutes of your time. Read More

  • Motorola Continues Locked Bootloader Policy On Droid 3 (For Now)

    Listen up, hackers. This one’s for you. Motorola’s Droid 3 is finally out and about in all of its tech spec glory, but one thing’s missing: an unlocked bootloader. That’s right, Motorola’s gone and done it again, locking Droid 3 owners in an Android cage, just like Atrix owners, Droid 2 owners, and the list goes on. Read More

  • MobileCrunch Is Moving, But Just Down The Block

    A bit over 3 years ago, I applied for an internship at CrunchGear on a whim. I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into. As luck had it, the powers that be liked my style. I wasn’t even too sure I’d hear back regarding the intern position, so imagine my surprise when they countered with a proper, paying job offer. “MobileCrunch needs a new editor,” they said. Read More

  • Target Slaps Ridiculously Low Price Tags On The Samsung Droid Charge and LG Revolution

    Everybody wants a 4G-capable phone. That’s a given. The only issue is that, like all new technology, they cost a pretty penny, especially from good ol’ Big Red. As in, way more than we’re used to seeing on any smartphone (most high-end handsets cost around $200). Luckily, Target has stepped in to alleviate some of the cost on at least two 4G LTE-capable phones, offering the… Read More

  • iOS 5 Beta Reportedly Sets One Developer's iPhone Cable Ablaze

    Oh, the many woes of being an early adopter in the Beta software world. The software might crash, causing you to lose all your work! It may have gaping security issues, leaving an entry way for malicious misdoers! It may start your stuff on fire! Wait, what? According to developer Gus Pinto (who sum ups his life in under 140 characters as “Pioneering Mac Desktop Virtualization. iOS… Read More

  • Sprint To Finally Launch The Motorola Titanium On July 24th?

    Remember the Motorola Titanium? No? Don’t worry: it’s been over two months since Sprint announced it. That’s, like, a million years in the gadget world. We’ve finally got some idea when it’s coming, and how much it’ll cost you. Read More

  • LG Struggles Through First Half Of 2011, Cuts Smartphone Sales Target By 20%

    LG has thrown in the towel, as it were, on its original goal to sell 30 million smartphones in 2011. After having delayed the worldwide launch of it’s beastly Optimus 3D smartphone, and losing its smartphone boss to Apple’s South Korean unit, LG hasn’t exactly been thriving. The new goal for 2011 is 24 million smartphone units sold, and overall handset shipments falling… Read More

  • Gameloft Gives Away 3 Android HD+ Titles This Weekend

    Happy weekend, everyone! Yes, I know there’s still an entire unending work day ahead of us, but Gameloft is looking to start the transition into weekend mode sooner rather than later. Thus, we have Gameloft’s crazy “Three4Free” giveaway, where the publisher will give away one Andriod HD+ title for free during a two-hour window each day of this weekend. Read More

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