• Soap Media

    It’s way early to handicap anything along the scale of winners and losers, but many things are already obvious. Plus has conquered the media, but what of it? Unlike Apple, which changed the media with the iPad, Google has slapped a fresh coat of paint on the social chat room that was Friendfeed and provided a reasonably safe bet that the work we put in will be accessible for some… Read More

  • How Apple Led The High-Stakes Patent Poker Win Against Google, Sealing Ballmer's Promise

    “It’s not like Android’s free. Android has a patent fee. You do have to license patents.” That was Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in an interview last year with The Wall Street Journal. At the time, Microsoft was on the verge of releasing their first Windows Phone 7 devices, and knew their best hope in the market would be to go after Android — the same OS which… Read More

  • Facebook Video Chat v. Google Hangouts: It's No Contest

    One of the questions I had when I broke the news last week about the Facebook/Skype partnership: Would group video chat be part of the product, and if so would it be free? The answer is no, there’s no group chat. Facebook says that one on one video chat is far more popular on Skype than group chat and so it makes sense to start there. But that’s misdirection – group chat on… Read More

  • Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer To Keynote CES (Again) In 2012

    Microsoft head honcho Steve Ballmer will return to CES in January 2012, kicking off the consumer technology tradeshow with a preshow keynote, the fourth time he’ll be taking the stage to do so. “We are pleased to welcome Microsoft back to the CES keynote stage,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which owns and produces CES. Read More

  • Google Hires Microsoft Product Veteran Sanaz Ahari

    Sanaz Ahari, who at 23 was the youngest lead product manager in Microsoft history, has left Microsoft after seven and a half years. Her last job was the Principal Group Program Manager for Bing, and she was part of Brian MacDonald’s core leadership team. She’s 29 now. She gone now, she confirms, and has taken a job at Google. She’s part of Neal Mohan’s (last seen… Read More

  • Google Responds To Nortel Patent Loss: "The Outcome Is Disappointing"

    Late last night, it was revealed that Nortel had picked a winner for their patent portfolio. To the surprise of many, that winner was not Google, which had put up the initial “stalking horse” bid to get the ball rolling. Instead, the winner was a “consortium” of industry players — a consortium that includes Apple, RIM, Microsoft, Sony, and others. In other words… Read More

  • Who Won The 6,000+ Nortel Patents? Apple, RIM, Microsoft — Everyone But Google

    When Google first made the “stalking-horse” bid on the Nortel patent portfolio in early April, it was all but assumed that they would push hard and win the rights to the patents. They were hardly the only bidder — RIM and Apple were definitely involved — but still, after the DoJ quickly cleared Google to bid, it seemed to many (including many at Google) that they… Read More