• Uber And Lyft Join Forces With The White House To Offer Free Rides To Veterans

    Just before Veterans Day, Uber and Lyft are teaming up with the U.S. government to offer free transportation to former military men and women who lack a way to get to jobs and interviews. Lack of adequate transportation is one of the major problems affecting the veteran population, particularly homeless veterans. Read More

  • Remember When Google Tried To Start Uber In May 2005?

    The internet is a wonderful thing. It’s a place for new and fresh ideas, forums for people to discuss them. And well, ways to find ones that had been dropped. One idea that was dropped was Google’s attempt to start what sounds a whole lot like Lyft and Uber. The project was called “Google Ride Finder” and it was announced on May 31st, 2005. It got a little bit of… Read More

  • UberEVENTS Now Provides Your Drunk Uncle With A Free Ride Home From The Party Anywhere In The U.S.

    Just in time for the holiday season (or, really, the almost holiday season because America starts early like that), Uber is rolling out its group events service UberEVENTS. The ridesharing giant launched UberEVENTS in beta about a month ago in six cities throughout the United States and included Uber for Business users to test the product. The service is now available nationwide, starting… Read More

  • Slack Improves Slash Commands So You Can Call A Lyft And More From Inside Slack

    Slack just unveiled a new way for app developers to create slash commands, letting users interface with their apps from within Slack channels. After being turned on via the “Add to Slack button“, these commands will allow users to do things like call a Lyft or ask FourSquare for lunch recommendations, all from within a channel or private message. For example, a user could type… Read More