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Diversity is central to TechCrunch’s mission. We believe everyone, regardless of background, should have access to the immense possibilities of the tech world, and, at the same time, we are confident technology businesses will benefit from a more diverse workforce. TechCrunch’s Include program aims to promote diversity by applying resources uniquely available to TechCrunch, including our editorial and events platforms, and by exemplifying the diversity mission in TechCrunch’s own staffing and culture.

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Office Hours

Include Office Hours bring together top VCs and promising underrepresented founders to build a stronger, more inclusive tech network.

Upcoming Events


  • Crunchies Awards | Davies Symphony Hall [More Information](http://techcrunch.com/event-info/9th-annual-crunchies-awards/)

  • Office Hours | General Catalyst Palo Alto Office [More Information](https://tcpreprod.com/include/office-hours/)

  • Office Hours | Emergence Capital at the TechCrunch San Francisco Office [More Information](https://tcpreprod.com/include/office-hours/)

  • Office Hours | Sequoia at the TechCrunch San Francisco Office [More Information](https://tcpreprod.com/include/office-hours/)


Looking to get into tech but not sure where to begin? TechCrunch has compiled a directory of great organizations based in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and London that work with underrepresented groups through classes, meetups, mentorship, grants and much more. If your organization is missing, let us know by emailing include@techcrunch.com.

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If you’d like to have your next event listed on the Include page, have members of your organization attend a TechCrunch event at a discount or have general inquiries, please email include@techcrunch.com.