• Long Post for RR ad viewability

    Monotonectally synergize granular niches before cross-platform best practices. Efficiently strategize client-centric scenarios rather than turnkey manufactured products. Assertively transition unique meta-services after competitive meta-services. Energistically conceptualize client-based platforms before maintainable platforms. Objectively mesh user friendly catalysts for change without… Read More

  • NY State Rules Daily Fantasy Illegal, Ordering FanDuel & DraftKings To Stop Taking Bets

    Today, the NY Attorney General dropped a bomb on daily fantasy sports sites like FanDuel and DraftKings. Sites like them have been categorized as “illegal gambling sites” and have ordered them to cease taking money from the residents of New York state. The official cease-and-desist notices have been delivered. BREAKING: NY Attorney General determines that FanDuel & DraftKings… Read More

  • Former MLB Player Jason Giambi Takes A Swing At Virtual Reality

    Everybody needs a hobby when they retire, and former major league baseball player Jason Giambi turned to virtual reality, teaming with EON Sports on a virtual reality hardware-software package to teach players how to recognize pitches and understand the strike zone. The solution, which is called Project OPS consists of software, a Bluetooth controller and virtual reality headset that can plug… Read More

  • Activision Blizzard Acquires Candy Crush Maker King Digital Entertainment For $5.9 Billion

    Well here’s a blockbuster acquisition for you. Gaming mothership Activision Blizzard has entered into an agreement to acquire, maker of the wildly popular game Candy Crush and probably other games that I have nor ever will play. Mobile. Games. It’s all of the hot things. Read More

  • Apple TV App Store Tops 1,000 Apps: Games And Video Apps Dominate, But Discovery Is A Challenge

    Developers have been digging into the Apple TV App Store data in the absence of category listings and a Top Charts section on Apple’s newly launched version of its media player device, which now, for the first time ever, has opened up to third-party applications. Apple had “hundreds” of applications live at the time of the TV App Store’s launch, though apparently not… Read More

  • HTML5 Game Maker Looks To Transcend Sleepy Chrome Web Store Sales On iOS

    About a year ago, Lost Decade Games, an early-stage game development startup based in Palo Alto, entered Boing Boing’s “Games Inspired By Music Contest”. The created a game called “Onslaught! Arena”, an addictive 16-bit-arcade-style, HTML5-only fantasy shoot ’em up. The game was popular enough that Google made it a launch title for the Chrome Web Store back… Read More

  • An iPhone Gaming Thinger I Can Stand Behind

    This little designware project would be amazing if it were real. Essentially it’s a double case for the iPhone can adds a D-pad, buttons, and more hand-room to the standard iPhone. It doesn’t exist (and probably never will) but it’s pretty darn cool-looking could actually work if someone made it. Read More

  • Gameloft Gives Away 3 Android HD+ Titles This Weekend

    Happy weekend, everyone! Yes, I know there’s still an entire unending work day ahead of us, but Gameloft is looking to start the transition into weekend mode sooner rather than later. Thus, we have Gameloft’s crazy “Three4Free” giveaway, where the publisher will give away one Andriod HD+ title for free during a two-hour window each day of this weekend. Read More

  • Zynga Combines Privacy Education, Gaming And Rewards With PrivacyVille

    Getting ahead of any privacy issues surround your product is an important part of product development for any company. Facebook, unfortunately, learned this the hard way. Social gaming giant Zynga is adding a layer of transparency today with the launch of a new privacy initiative called PrivacyVille. In typical Zynga fashion, PrivacyVille isn’t your average dull privacy education course… Read More

  • Exec: Wii U Arriving After April 1, 2012

    Although his statement could be an elaborate prima aprilis prank, Nintendo COO Reggie Fils-Aime stated that the Wii U would be arriving after April 1, 2012 and would co-exist on the market alongside the Wii, DSi, and 3DS. In a Forbes interview Fils-Aime said that the two major Nintendo consoles would be on the market simultaneously until they stop supporting the quickly aging original Wii. Read More