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  • Testing Twitter Post!!! Hello again! Trying from a post this time!

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  • intentional pblish

    intentional pblish

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  • Long Post for RR ad viewability

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  • This Week On Bullish: Why Journalists Are Calling It Quits

    Why Journalists Are Calling It Quits | Bullish

    Hello friends, and welcome back to Bullish, TechCrunch’s first talk show. This week we’re talking about journalism, leaving it, and what happens when you come back. The move from journalism to PR, to pick one example, is a very well-worn route. Hell, the route from journalism to any other form of work isn’t uncommon — the woes of the world of journalism have… Read More

  • Review: The iPad Pro And The Death Of A Metaphor

    Review: The iPad Pro And The Death Of A Metaphor

    “PCs are going to be like trucks. They are still going to be around, they’re still going to have a lot of value, but they’re only going to be used by one out of x people.” – Steve Jobs, 2010.   The iPad Pro is coming into the world with a lot of weight on its shoulders. The speculation and expectation is running high. Is it a potential laptop replacement? An… Read More

  • iPad Pro Now Available To Pre-Order

    The iPad Pro is now available to pre-order on Apple’s website. People who pre-order today will receive their iPad Pro on Friday November 13. If they opt for free delivery instead, the iPad should make its way to your door on Monday November 16. Read More

  • Apple TV ‘Tech Talks’ Coming To Major Cities Across The Globe

    Want to develop an app for the newly released Apple TV? Of course you do. Not sure how to get started? Apple is touring the globe for “Apple TV Tech Talks” which promise to get you rocking. You have to register by November 13th, though…so hop to it. Between December and February next year Apple is going to their stores in Toronto, Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle, Cupertino… Read More

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