Disrupt App FAQ

Are you experiencing a bug or problem with the app? Report it here and we will investigate it and get back to you:Disrupt App Bug Report

For any other questions, please reference the FAQ below:

I. Downloading the app

Q: How do I download the app?

A: On iOS go to the App Store (on Android: go to the Play Store) and search for “TechCrunch Disrupt App”. The app is only available on iOS and Android devices.

You can find the app at these links:

II. Logging in

Q: How do I log in?

A: When you open the app for the first time, it will ask you to log in with your Eventbrite ticket ID. You can either enter your Eventbrite username and password, your numeric ticket ID, or scan the barcode on your ticket.

Q: Why do I have to log in with my ticket ID?

A: Only registered attendees have access to the conference app and its features (such as accessing the agenda and messaging attendees), so you’ll want to login with your Eventbrite ticket ID or Eventbrite account credentials to access those.

Q: I’m getting a crash or error, what do I do?

A: Please submit a bug report, or email disrupt-app-help@techcrunch.com with the subject “CRASH on {Your phone model and operating system version (e.g. Android 4.4)}”. Please include as much detail as you can, including screenshots if possible.

Q: How do I update info about my Company appearing in the app?

A: Please email disrupt-app-help@techcrunch.com with the subject “COMPANY UPDATE: {Your Company Name}”. Include any details you would like included (e.g. updated logo, website, social links, etc)

III. Finding people you know

Q: I’m on iOS and seeing “Error: Could not start conversation with user”

A: This just means the user whose profile you tapped on has not downloaded or installed the app yet. You can only message with other attendees who have also installed the app on their phone.

Q: How do I find colleagues and people I know who are also attending the conference?

A: There are two ways to find people you know.

  1. Connect your social accounts to find connections from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn who are attending.
    • For iOS: click the gear icon in the top left corner of any screen.
    • For Android: open the left side menu and select Profile. Then scroll down and click on Connected Accounts in the Settings section. Switching any button to the right will activate the social connect flow.
  2. Search for people on the People screen.
    • For iOS: You can also select the People icon from the bottom navigation bar.
    • For Android: open the left side menu and select People. Tap the magnifying glass at the top of the screen to search by name.



Q: How do I connect more social accounts?

A: On iOS, go to your Profile page by clicking the gear button in the top left corner of any screen. On Android, open the left side menu and select Profile. Scroll down and click on Connected Accounts in the Settings section. Switching any button to the right will activate the social connect flow.

Q: I’m looking to meet up with a particular attendee. How can I contact that person?

A: You can search for fellow attendees from the People section. Clicking on a profile will open a chat with them if they have registered to use the app.

Q: What will happen to my chats after the conference has ended?

A: Your chats/messages will remain on your phone in the app after the conference has ended. As long as you have the app, you will be able to read the messages, and you can continue sending more messages. Whether the recipient will continue responding is up to him/her.

IV. Agenda and events

Q: Can I add events on the agenda to a Favorites list?

A: Yes. Pressing the Star icon next to an event on the Agenda list adds it to your Favorites list. You can view your Favorites by tapping the Star icon in the corner of the Agenda screen.

V. Notifications

Q: How do I turn off notifications?

A: On Android, go to the Settings page (Left-side nav > Gear icon), scroll to Notifications at the bottom, and slide the green button to the left. On iOS, you will need to go to your Settings to set your notifications preferences.

Q: How do I see a list of my notifications?

A: Go to your Inbox (iOS: Inbox icon in bottom navigation bar. Android: Left-side menu > Inbox). All announcement notifications you have received will be listed in the TechCrunch Official message thread.

VI. Support and feedback

Q: What if I need more help or have additional questions?

A: If you have encountered a bug, please report it to us here: http://goo.gl/forms/61vWz0Oalf

If you have additional questions, email us at disrupt-app-help@techcrunch.com. Include your phone model and operating system, and as many details about your question as possible.

Q: How do I give feedback?

A: We would love to hear your feedback on the app! Here is the link to our feedback form:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/H8BTRF6

Or you can go to the Settings page and click on Feedback link at the bottom of the page.