Each member of the House of Representatives is graded on how closely their voting aligns with the consensus interests of the technology industry. Details about our methodology and grading system can be found on our FAQ page. Click the “more” botton below each name to reveal more information.

Methodology Brief: After finding patterns in technology lobbying through public records, we sought to determine where there was industry consensus on particular bills by surveying the most prominent technology lobbies, which collectively represent most of the industry. There was consensus on 3 issues: immigration, crowdfunding, and an open Internet (SOPA)

The Grade: Grades “B” through “D” are determined entirely on public voting and cosponsorship records. A “B” represents 100% alignment, a “C” represents one deviation, and a “D” represents two or more deviations. Some policymakers go far beyond mere voting to champion or threaten innovation (such as introducing the Stop Online Piracy Act). In these instances, we worked with industry insiders to determine who were the most well known tech champions and threats, and gave “As” and “Fs” accordingly.

Each one of these members is up for re-election this November, so be sure to check out the member representing your district.