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  • Square’s S-1: Of Ratchets And Unicorn Valuations Crunch Network

    Square’s S-1: Of Ratchets And Unicorn Valuations

    Over the last 18 months, those of us following the venture and startup space have gone on a rollercoaster ride of mega rounds, unicorns, sky-high valuations and bubble fears. Look beyond the hyperbolic headlines and you’ll see that there is more than meets the eye to that shiny new unicorn valuation. Square’s recent IPO registration statement provides an opportunity to peel the… Read More

  • Gmail, We Need To Talk Crunch Network

    Gmail, We Need To Talk

    Dear Gmail: Two years ago, you launched an ambitious endeavor with to bring a new level of richness to email. allowed senders to embed rich meta data in email that allowed any modern email client, not just Gmail, to present actionable items within email. It felt like Gmail was taking the lead in email innovation. Read More

  • Banks Should Prepare For The Internet Of Things Crunch Network

    Banks Should Prepare For The Internet Of Things

    It is widely acknowledged that the Internet of Things (IoT) will have a huge impact on nearly every industry, and financial services is no exception. Gartner estimates that connected devices will reach an installed base of 25 billion units by 2020, with an annual compound growth rate of 35.2 percent from 2013-2020. Read More

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    Pinterest And The Process Of Designing A Multi-Billion Dollar Startup

    Some startups recognize that design is an investment rather than a cost, and one that yields better results in the long run if incorporated into a business from inception. At a recent Kleiner Perkins CEO Workshop, I interviewed Pinterest CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann to discuss how he came up with the idea, and why he was inspired to build the company. Read More

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    The Human Touch

    Blame it on Hollywood. So many people have seen science-fiction movies about robots taking over the world that they’ve started to believe it’s happening. Many workers are worried that automated systems will soon take over their jobs — and leave them no role in a tech-driven economy. This kind of hysteria is best reserved for the big screen. Humans have nothing to fear… Read More

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    P2P Lending Is Profitable, Even In A Recession

    People often ask me how I went from building multiple companies in ad tech, music tech, data analytics and mobile advertising to being a lending fund manager. It didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it was almost a decade in the making. Here’s my story, and why I fell in love with P2P lending as an investment. Read More

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    Why Fintech Startups Aren’t Killing Banks — Yet

    “Fintech” is one of this year’s most ubiquitous buzzwords; it has spawned any number of colorful infographics about the future of finance and banking. Some of these are merely a collection of logos, while others represent a more structured attempt to classify this new generation of players taking on financial services. All, however, convey the same idea: Tech is coming… Read More

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    The Critical Mass Of Virtual Reality

    The concept of virtual reality (VR) has been around for several decades. Largely ignored by mainstream computing until about four years ago, VR technology has leapt to computing’s center stage — largely kick-started by the investment from Facebook — and is now poised to make an industry transforming impact. Read More

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    Data, The Speed Of Light And You

    We — humanity, that is — created 4.4 zettabytes of data last year. This is expected to rise to 44 zettabytes by 2020. And no, I didn’t make up the word “zettabytes.” For scale, it is estimated that 42 zettabytes could store all human speech ever spoken. One zettabyte is around 250 billion DVDs — almost enough fit the whole Friends series. Read More

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    Your Data Blind Side

    You might be about to see companies like Facebook, Google and many others whose business models depend on using their customers’ data, scramble in the wake of a case currently in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Thomas Robins, a Virginia man, is alleging Spokeo, Inc., a people-search website, had inaccurate (albeit more flattering) information listed about him on their site. Read More

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    Tor Wars: The Signal Awakens

    The long arm of the law wants ever more eyes, if you’ll pardon the gruesome metaphor. The UK government recently unveiled an attempt to legalize “draconian state surveillance powers.” US voices keep calling for a mythical “secure golden key” for government access to encrypted messages. Canadian police describe encryption plus legal decisions favoring online privacy… Read More

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    Separating The Sizzle From The Steak

    Seed rounds are all about the sizzle, the exciting promise of the future if things go as dreamed. Risk is high — but the reward, if it works, is far greater. Smart people with great ideas and strong skills can raise money based on their passion, vision and tenacity. But when it comes time to raise a Series A, it’s all about the steak — what you’ve accomplished. Read More

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    An Inconvenient Proof

    An Inconvenient Proof refers to the fact that personalization algorithms proselytize via code. Designed to scrutinize our lives, they’re also programmed to influence our behavior. Created by humans, every algorithm is imbued with the biases, business goals and personal agendas of their manufacturers. This doesn’t make artificial intelligence malevolent. But unless individuals… Read More

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    Leveraging Technology To Make Credit Credible

    The small-dollar credit (SDC) market — think payday and auto-title lending — is ripe for innovation and disruption. Most of the $44 billion industry consists of high-cost, low-quality products that lead people into cycles of repeat usage and mounting debt. Regulatory burdens, reputational risk and the tough economics of making small loans profitable have limited the supply of… Read More

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    Innovating In A World Of Patent Lawsuits

    Apple seems to get caught in lots of patent fights. Since 2009, Nokia has sued Apple (they settled), Apple has sued HTC (they settled), Kodak sued Apple (Kodak is appealing), Motorola Mobility sued Apple (Apple is appealing) and Apple and Samsung filed more than 40 lawsuits against each other (still fighting it out in the U.S.). The list goes on. With so much energy spent in patent… Read More

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    The Self-Driving Car Revolution Will Be Slow And Help Us All, But It Won’t Kill Driving Anytime Soon

    A very intelligent piece by BuzzFeed’s Mat Honan said that Google’s self-driving car would bring about the “ugly end of driving.” He’s correct in almost every way; cars are “giant, inefficient, planet-and-people-killing death machines,” killing, as he cited, 1.2 million people a year. This is a good enough argument that removing a whole bunch of… Read More

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