Jake Goldman

Jake has been building websites since the mid 90’s, and has built web-based solutions for Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Navy, major universities, and high profile non-profits. His analyses have been quoted on high profile websites like c|net and the Winsupersite.

Jake started working with WordPress in 2006 while managing the interactive division of a 100-man contractor. In 2009, while employed as Technology Director at a Providence-based agency, he refocused his professional attention on the platform, releasing free plug-ins, diverting new projects to the platform, and engaging the community. Jake’s leadership helped transform that agency from a 3-man team serving a niche CMS to an open source software agency with 10 employees.

In February 2011, Jake founded 10up with a vision of a distributed, elite team that could build beautiful, easy to manage websites on the web’s best platform – WordPress.

Between leading the charge at 10up, Jake is a writer and expert reviewer for Smashing Magazine (the web’s top new media publication) and teaches WordPress development at Boston University. Jake has spoken at WordCamps around the country, including Chicago, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Miami. He helped organize the first WordCamp Boston in 2010 and founded the WordPress Providence Meetup.

Jake is a core contributor to WordPress and maintains some of the highest rated plug-ins on the official repository. Cumulatively, they have been downloaded over 250,000 times.

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Latest from Jake Goldman

  • The iPad Was Built For Something Like StumbleUpon, Now They Have A Worthy App

    Since its inception, StumbleUpon has always been one of the most perfect lean-back apps. Long before anyone even used that term, the StumbleUpon toolbar took various pages on the web and allowed you to quickly jump between them to find new things of interest. This concept seems perfect for a device like the iPad. Unfortunately the app just wasn’t very good. Until today. StumbleUpon has… Read More

  • The TechCrunch Redesign: A Copy-And-Paste Hatemail Template

    It is an absolute, hard-and-fast law that whenever a high profile site undergoes a significant redesign, the reaction from regular readers will be one of outrage. Not puzzlement, not measured criticism, but full-on outrage — as if they’d woken up to discover that someone had crept in and rearranged the features of their wife’s face. And so it was with some trepidation that… Read More

  • ROAR! Apple Puts Out The Call For Devs To Submit OS X Lion Apps

    A Lion is quickly approaching. OS X Lion — aka OS X 10.7. Some are saying it will hit this week. Other signs point to next week. Either way, it’s coming very soon. How do we know? Apple has just put out a call to developers asking them to submit their OS X Lion apps for the Mac App Store. The email message (pasted above) notes: OS X Lion, the eighth major release of the… Read More

  • Indian Mobile Bank Eko Raises $5.5 Million, Processing $270 Million in Payments a Year

    Innovative mobile banking platform Eko India Financial Services has raised $5.5 million from Creation Investments’ Social Venture fund, Promus Equity Partners and several unnamed angel investors. Mobile banking is one of the most exciting trends in the tech world outside Silicon Valley. And now that more people have mobile phones than toilets in the world, there’s a real chance… Read More

  • How To Build An Audience On The Internet: The Kevin Rose School Vs. The Fred Wilson School

    Editor’s note: This guest post is written by Tom Anderson, the former President, founder and first friend on MySpace. What kind of content creator are you? Kevin Rose or Fred Wilson? Blogging or “self-publishing” in any form was supposed to democratize and revolutionize the media industry. Content creators no longer needed mainstream platforms to get their voices heard. Read More

  • With iOS 5 Beta 3, The iPhone Finally Gets Custom Text Message Alert Sounds

    It feels a bit strange to be writing about custom text messaging alerts as “news”. As a feature that found its way to run-of-the-mill “dumb” phones long ago, it’s one of those things that you just expect any smart phone to do right out of the box. And yet, it’s a feature that Apple has somehow managed to avoid bringing to the iPhone for four years. With iOS… Read More

  • Gmail+: Google Already At Work On "Several" Gmail/Google+ Integrations

    One of the factors that led me to conclude that I could walk away from email for the month was the emergence of Google+. It’s yet another network where people can now message me if they need to get ahold of me. Further, Google+ makes Gmail look like even more of a dog. To be clear, Gmail is still the best email service out there — but it’s also still an email service. Read More

  • Color Labs Chief Product Officer DJ Patil Resigns

    Color Labs Chief Product Officer DJ Patil will soon be leaving the company as a full time employee, we’ve confirmed. Patil, who was LinkedIn’s chief scientist until March, was only with Color for about 5 months. He’ll transition to become an advisor to the company. Color lost cofounder Peter Pham a month ago. This is the second high profile loss for the struggling company. Read More

  • Email Nightmare. Shortmail Fix. Funding Obtained.

    Last week I quit email. It’s perhaps the smartest thing I’ve ever done. Instead of spending a couple hours every morning, a few hours before bed, and many cumulative hours in between on organizing, responding (and not responding) to endless messages, I’m doing things like reading, writing, and living life. I highly recommend that everyone try it. Of course, I realize that… Read More

  • Soap Media

    It’s way early to handicap anything along the scale of winners and losers, but many things are already obvious. Plus has conquered the media, but what of it? Unlike Apple, which changed the media with the iPad, Google has slapped a fresh coat of paint on the social chat room that was Friendfeed and provided a reasonably safe bet that the work we put in will be accessible for some… Read More

  • Power To The People

    As I type this, a UPS beeps furiously behind me, and the growl of half-a-dozen diesel generators is audible down the street. I’m in Leh, a city nestled in a Himalayan valley surrounded by 6,000-metre / 20,000-foot peaks, the fast-growing capital of India’s northernmost territory Ladakh. It’s clearly outgrown its electrical capacity; power cuts hit several times a… Read More

  • Hotwire For Surgery

    The hotel bed that is empty tonight can never be sold again. That insight led Hotwire to create a disruptive model that has given travelers great deals on hotel rooms. It turns out there are “beds” and “suites” of a different variety – Surgical Suites/Beds – that have a similar phenomena. Just as top hotels rarely are 100% booked and can earn… Read More

  • Building An Enterprise Software Company That Doesn't Suck

    Thomas Wailgum, an editor at CIO.com, summed up the enterprise software industry best when he wrote, “It might appear that even tobacco companies enjoy a better level of overall ‘likeability’ than do enterprise software vendors.” The way successful enterprise software companies have historically operated has been more or less uncontested: licensing costs increase at… Read More

  • How Apple Led The High-Stakes Patent Poker Win Against Google, Sealing Ballmer's Promise

    “It’s not like Android’s free. Android has a patent fee. You do have to license patents.” That was Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in an interview last year with The Wall Street Journal. At the time, Microsoft was on the verge of releasing their first Windows Phone 7 devices, and knew their best hope in the market would be to go after Android — the same OS which… Read More

  • Despite Google+ Competition, Disco, Google's Hushed Messaging App, Continues To Improve

    It has been over three months since we first broke the news on the existence of Disco, the group messaging app made by the Slide team within Google. Google still refuses to talk about it. But work continues nonetheless. Today brings version 3 of the app — and the app is starting to get really good. Just a little over a month after Disco was updated to version 2.0 with Push… Read More

  • The Twitter Endgame: IPO, Chess, or Roulette?

    Reports are swirling that Twitter is in talks to raise $400 million, valuing the company close to $8 billion. It seems as if it was only yesterday that Twitter raised $200m from Kleiner Perkins. At the time of Kleiner’s investment, some pundits chuckled beneath their breath, claiming the old venture firm was paying up on price in order to claim a bit of equity in social networks, which… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang 7.09.11 (TCTV)

    The Gillmor Gang — Michael Arrington, Dan Farber, Robert Scoble, and Steve Gillmor — enjoyed @scobleizer’s FaceTime tour of Florida’s abandoned Kennedy Space Center in the aftermath of the last shuttle launch. The countdown clock sat frozen amid a sea of media trailers and the huge Twitter Live Assembly building. No, wait; that was where FriendFeed stood until Google +… Read More

  • The Space Debris Threat And How To Handle It

    Yesterday marked a momentous day in U.S. history as NASA launched its final space shuttle, ending a 30-year era. Four astronauts—commander Chris Ferguson, pilot Doug Hurley and mission specialists Rex Walheim and Sandy Magnus—are leading the 12-day Atlantis mission, the 135th and final flight of the storied space shuttle program. After Atlantis returns to Earth, NASA will… Read More

  • How Hydrostor Aims To Change The Power Game By Storing Energy Under Water

    There has been a fair bit of concern in recent years about the ability of our power plants to supply adequate electricity during periods of peak demand. Hydrostor, a Toronto-based company, is taking a different approach and offering a solution that allows plants to store their power using compressed air in underwater storage tanks. Hydrostor converts excess electricity into compressed and… Read More

  • Don't Call It A PivotPlz: PicPlz Spun Off As Mixed Media Labs Prepares Their Next Product

    When Mixed Media Labs raised a $5 million round last November, it raised quite a few eyebrows. After all, the money came from Andreessen Horowitz, the VC firm which had backed Instagram. To be fair, they backed Instagram when it was still known as Burbn — before it became what is now a massively popular mobile photo-sharing app. Still, there’s no question that Mixed Media… Read More

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