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Drew is a geek who first worked at AOL when he was 16 years old. Drew was a senior writer at TechCrunch. Most recently, Drew was the VP of Communications for venture equity fund Scaleworks.

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  • NY State Rules Daily Fantasy Illegal, Ordering FanDuel & DraftKings To Stop Taking Bets

    Today, the NY Attorney General dropped a bomb on daily fantasy sports sites like FanDuel and DraftKings. Sites like them have been categorized as “illegal gambling sites” and have ordered them to cease taking money from the residents of New York state. The official cease-and-desist notices have been delivered. BREAKING: NY Attorney General determines that FanDuel & DraftKings… Read More

  • What In The Hell Is A #TacoEmojiEngine?

    Tacos. Emojis. Tacos + Emojis. That’s what Taco Bell rolled out to Twitter yesterday. They called it the “#TacoEmojiEngine.” 🌮🌮 What's #TacoEmojiEngine? Tweet us a 🌮 + any other emoji to find out. 🌮🌮 pic.twitter.com/tioahCA0WC — Taco Bell (@tacobell) November 9, 2015 What the hell is it and what is the point? I set out to find out, tweeting along… Read More

  • Apple TV ‘Tech Talks’ Coming To Major Cities Across The Globe

    Want to develop an app for the newly released Apple TV? Of course you do. Not sure how to get started? Apple is touring the globe for “Apple TV Tech Talks” which promise to get you rocking. You have to register by November 13th, though…so hop to it. Between December and February next year Apple is going to their stores in Toronto, Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle, Cupertino… Read More

  • Megan Quinn Heads To Spark Capital As GP To Focus On Growth Stage Investing

    Today, investor Megan Quinn shared that she’d be joining Spark Capital as a general partner for its growth stage fund (its first), which we covered last year. Quinn stepped down from KPCB this year after nearly three years with the firm. Read More

  • Twitter Sees 6% Increase In “Like” Activity After First Week Of Hearts

    Speaking at the Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco today, Twitter’s SVP of Product, Kevin Weil, shared with the crowd that the new hearts aren’t stopping activity. In fact, the activity is increased: "With the change from favorites to likes we've seen a 6% increase in like activity in just the first week." –@kevinweil — Robi Ganguly (@rganguly) November… Read More

  • Slew Of New Virtual Reality Titles Available Alongside Samsung Gear VR

    As we reported earlier, you can now pre-order your Samsung Gear VR. It’s a device that’s going to unlock virtual reality for a lot of consumers, even though it requires a Samsung phone to drive it. Along with the announcement of pre-order for a ridiculously low $99, a bunch of games are hitting the scene to support its launch. Land’s End by Ustwo Games, Bandit Six: Salvo… Read More

  • Google Maps Gets Offline Navigation And Search

    It’s 8am and you’re in your garage. You have to head into a different direction today, but you can’t fire up Google Maps until you’ve left the garage, because you’re offline. You probably pull off to the side of the road until your phone gets connectivity. Not anymore. Starting today, Google Maps will make itself available offline (search and navigation) for… Read More

  • Meet The LucidCam, The Future Of Consumer VR

    Trying to wade through the noise and hype that surrounds VR can be overwhelming, but there are clear real-world uses that make the future of the technology exciting. Lucid flew through that noise for me. The thing that’s going to bring the “future” to the “now” is a killer app that consumers can understand and more importantly afford. That’s where Lucid… Read More

  • CrunchWeek: Diversity, Candy, And Books Of Faces

    Welcome to another episode of CrunchWeek, TechCrunch’s weekly roundup show where we talk the biggest things in tech. This week we’re chatting about Twitter’s issues with diversity, Activision paying a lot of billions for the maker of the addictive game Candy Crush (hear Megan talk about her recovery), and Facebook’s earnings. They crushed… Read More

  • Google Acquires Fly Labs To Join Its Google Photos Team

    Today, Google acquired Fly Labs to join its Google Photos team. The company aimed to help people edit videos and photos and it sported 3 million downloads over the past 18 months. Their suite of apps (Tempo, Fly and Crop) will be made available for the next three months. You’ll still be able to use them, but there will be no more updates. We're excited to announce that we've… Read More

  • Google Calendar For The Web Gets A Trash Can

    You set up a meeting, drop it into Google Calendar. Then someone says “let’s do it another time” and you delete it. Then they say they’re available again. What do you do? You create a new entry. Until now. Today, the Google Apps team released a small but handy feature for the web version of Google Calendar — a trash can. You can now view, permanently delete or… Read More

  • Lytro Introduces ‘Immerge’ For Cinematic Virtual Reality

    Camera maker Lytro is hopping into virtual reality. Today, it announced a product called “Immerge” which the company describes as “world’s first professional light field solution for cinematic VR.” What does that mean exactly? Well Lytro wants to provide tools to shoot live action virtual reality. It built its “light field” solution from the ground up. Read More

  • 500 Startups Introduces Batch 15: Under-Sea Drones, Puppy Treats, And On-Demand Snow Plowing

    It seems like only yesterday that we were introducing you to 500’s Batch 14, but Summer is gone, the demos have been done, we’ve picked our favs and it’s time to introduce you to the next group going through 500’s accelerator — 500 Startups’ Batch 15. 500 Startups has a thesis of investing in many startups, some that they consider “unsexy,”… Read More

  • Google Maps For iOS Finally Gets Spoken Traffic Alerts

    Google Maps for iOS got a seemingly small, but extremely helpful feature today in an update. Starting today, you’ll now get spoken traffic alerts while navigating. The app will tell you about accidents, traffic congestion or other incidents (like police in the area) for your route before you start driving. https://plus.google.com/u/0/+GoogleMaps/posts/cq85a4BKrLg If this sounds familiar… Read More

  • Remember When Google Tried To Start Uber In May 2005?

    The internet is a wonderful thing. It’s a place for new and fresh ideas, forums for people to discuss them. And well, ways to find ones that had been dropped. One idea that was dropped was Google’s attempt to start what sounds a whole lot like Lyft and Uber. The project was called “Google Ride Finder” and it was announced on May 31st, 2005. It got a little bit of… Read More

  • Eminem Partners With Genius, Alex And Drew Rap Battle The News

    Today, Eminem announced that he’d be investing in and partnering with lyric-annotation site Genius. It’s kind of a match made in heaven, seeing as Eminem’s lyrics are constantly scrutinized. Here’s what Eminem had to say about the tie-up: Coming up we would always obsess over the lyrics from our favorite MCs. Picking everything apart, trying to get into their heads. I… Read More

  • Google Drive Apps Get Sharing Notifications, Access Requests And Previews

    Google Drive for iOS and Android has becoming pretty important for me. Whether I’m taking notes or writing up a post, I’ve used it to share my docs with colleagues from the road. Today, the team announced a few new features to help speed up sharing and collaboration, which if you’re not on your desktop can seem slow at times. Yeah, Google Drive sends share requests and invites… Read More

  • Stripe Hires Away Twitter’s Romain Huet To Lead Global Developer Relations

    At Twitter’s Flight conference, one of the stand-out portions of the keynote was a pretty epic on-stage coding exercise. It lasted about a half-hour and turned into a sample project that was immediately made available on GitHub. Read More

  • Tesla Hires Google VP Of Finance Jason Wheeler As New CFO

    After earnings today, Tesla made a couple of executive announcements. First, it has named a new CFO, Jason Wheeler. Wheeler spent 13 years at Google as its VP of Finance and let its global finance function. He replaces Deepak Ahuja who announced his retirement early this year. Ahuja will stay on for a few months to help transition to Wheeler on November 30th. Here’s what Wheeler had to… Read More

  • Flipkart Hires Former Googler Surojit Chatterjee As Head of Consumer Experience And Growth

    India’s leading e-commerce company Flipkart just hired a familiar name from Google. Surojit Chatterjee spent the last eight or so years at Google, serving as “Product Management Director, Mobile Search Ads and AdSense for Search.” He’s also an angel investor. He’ll serve as an SVP and head of consumer experience and growth. Read More