TC Cribs: A Trip To The Love Nest, A Co-living Space For Bitcoin Enthusiasts

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This is a bit of an experimental Cribs episode this week. Stretch your wings and expand your understanding of life in startup land as I take you on a journey over to the Love Nest, a technology commune made mostly of bitcoin stars in Palo Alto, California.

The Love Nest is a little Burning Man, a little startup incubator. Friends, co-founders and what the house calls “tech nomads” gather to work and play in the house’s many rooms.

You’ll see people doing early morning yoga in the backyard or enjoying a late night hangout in the hot tub. There’s a tea room, a meditation room, bunk beds for those passing through, an emphasis on a vegan lifestyle and of course, an homage to Elon Musk in the bathroom.

Many of the members of the house came from the infamous Startup Castle. There were a lot of weird rules at that place and when the landlady shut it down, a handful of the tenants wound up at the Love Nest.

I met up with Love Nest “papa” and founder of the bitcoin crowdfunding platform Swarm Joel Dietz to take a tour. Check out the video above for a birds eye view into this quintessential Silicon Valley co-living space.

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